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Ice Dam Solutions

Prevent melting ice and snow from ruining your roof, attic & more!

The Ice Dam Cutter

Ice Dam & Water Backup Prevention & Solutions

The Ice Dam Cutter is one of the most straightforward solutions to ice dams and the damage they cause. Ice Dam Cutters are heated high-grade aluminum frames installed on a roof's eave edge to melt vertical channels through snow and ice buildup. These channels give the water behind the ice a path to travel off the roof before it can back up into the house. The Ice Dam Cutter automatically turns off and on, it is usable on all roof types, and regulates its heat output to maximize energy efficiency, making it a no-mess solution.

Contact us today to see if the Ice Dam Cutter is the right solution for the ice that builds up on your home's eaves.

Handi Pro Ice Dam Cutter
Handipro mold remediation services

Mold Remediation

Mold Removal, Resoration & Prevention

Do you suspect you have mold in your attic but not sure how to get rid of it? Our trained mold remediation specialists are here to help. We'll not only get rid of the mold, we'll also get to the root of the problem – fixing it once and for all.  Whether it's a roof leak or insufficient airflow that is causing mold growth, our Pros can provide the solution that best fits your home's needs.

Mold in a home can cause serious health issues. Don't put off addressing the problem. If you suspect you have mold, contact us immediately for a free inspection.

Attic/Roof Ventilation Upgrades

Attic and Roof Vent Repairs & Installations

All homes need proper attic/roof ventilation. Most homeowners don't know which type they need or if their home is even ventilated correctly. If you're running into energy efficiency problems, notice mold, or a musty smell in your attic, its time to give us a call. Our Pros will conduct a thorough inspection of your attic and roof. Then, based on your home style, will recommend the best ventilation solution for your home. The point is, you've got options. Together, we'll lower your home energy bills, stop attic mold in its tracks, and keep your home healthy.

Get your Free Attic Ventilation Inspection today!

attic ventilation updates
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